New Raptor XL Inflatable Platform Fishing Boat that has a Tent on it.

With the Raptor XL Platform Fishing Boat, you can stay on the water as long as you’d like. Measuring 16.4 x 16.4 feet, this platform-style fishing boat is so big, you can pitch a tent and camp in it.

Unlike standard fishing boats, it comes with tent mounts (15 D-rings) that you can use to pitch an actual tent right on the boat. That way, you can sleep in the water while all your baits are cast and waiting for a bite.

The Raptor Platform XL is an inflatable boat that measures a whopping 16.4 x 16.4 feet, so there’s plenty of room onboard to accommodate all the gear you need. It’s made up of four inflatable five-layer decks all held inside an inflatable tube measuring 19.7 inches in diameter, with a layer of anti-slip material on top of the deck ensuring you can move around safely even when it’s wet.



Worst case scenario, each XL comes with its own easy repair kit. It’s also fitted with 15 d-rings to which you can attach your own camping tent, in case you want to sleep on the platform overnight.

It’s made up of four air decks connected by a 50cm diameter tube and built using durable five-layer PVC in 1100 Decitex, with an extra layer on the floors. In total, it has over 150 square feet of space for you, your friends, and your gear, and it even has 15 D-rings for securing a bivy or tent, meaning you’ll have some shelter for rainy days, overnight stays, or just a quick afternoon nap.


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  1. jo campbell says:

    are these available in australia? if so, how much?

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