Next Generation Of Earphones

enso Track: These wearable biometric earphones are an all-in-one gadget that senses, tracks and manages fitness, activity, health, music and more.

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Dash is a wireless smart earphone that combines 3 essential features in 1 product.
Listen to music without any other device, or stream crystal clear audio from your phone.
Use the Optical Touch on the Dash to control it. No buttons, just taps and swipes.

Realtime Activity Feedback

The Activity Tracker can give you live feedback on your current body vitals and performance. To receive live feedback, start an activity on The Left Dash and follow the steps below:

  1. Double tap The Left Dash to get live feedback.
  2. The Dash will give you feedback on duration, heart rate and number of steps (when Running is selected).
  3. When you stop the activity on The Dash, it will automatically give you a report on your latest activity.


Dash is an »active« audio system, meaning that it does not just reflect the volume level of a connected external device but it also amplifies audio signals itself so that you can listen to music on the Dash Music Player and hear notifications.

The Master Volume of the Dash is independent of the volume level of a connected external device (e.g. your phone). Thus the audio volume level of a connected device will affect the volume of what you can hear on The Dash (e.g. when your external devices volume is low, the transferred sound will also be low even when the Dash Master Volume is set to high).


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