2015 Global Innovation Summit To Look Out For

How do we build startup communities? How do we catalyze systemic, sustainable innovation across companies, cities, and countries?

How do we design entire ecosystems to drive entrepreneurship, technology, and economic impact?

Attend the Global Innovation Summit along with over 1,000 of your fellow ecosystem builders from over 50 countries at over 20 events and perhaps you will find out. It all happens on February 16-20, 2015 in Silicon Valley.  The Global Innovation Summit is the centerpiece of Global Innovation Week, which features multiple events and activities throughout the region.

The 2015 Summit will be held in Silicon Valley from February 17-19.

The early bird registration rate is 50% off and comes to a little less than $1,500 for general admission. Students, nonprofits, and startups can attend for a fraction of the aforementioned price: a fee of $500.

To find out more information, visit the website for the Global Innovation Summit.

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