3D Hologram

Glimm screens has developed a special division for integrated solutions. to enter the creative advertisement and digital signage market. Glimm has developed different customized products/ display solutions.

Virtual mannequin
Rear projection film creates this holographic solution

Virtual mannequin a Hologram solution

Retail stores, airports, offices, shopping malls and public buildings all over the world are using the Virtual Mannequin to enhance the consumer experience and increase sales by improving customer service in a unique and interactive way.

Transparent OLED Display Pixels

The transparent display has a high transparency rate, which enables a person to look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity compared with a conventional LCD panel using back light unit.

Transparent OLED display

Transparent LCD screens offer exciting new ways to engage your audience.

The combination of HD LCD technology (4K on our 84″ version) with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that were previously closed with traditional LCD screens. Solid black pixels on a transparent background can be used in intriguing ways to hide (and gradually reveal) whatever is behind the screen.

A transparent LCD screen can also be combined with touch foils or touch frames to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a particularly powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact.

Holographic stage performances using Projection Mapping by AVConcepts.

Holographic effects can bring life to charts, graphs, remote executives, and even interactive avatars.

Tupac Shakur Holographic Performance

The process used to create the Tupac hologram took several months of planning to construct the visual effect, as there were no pre-existing high-resolution assets of the artist since his life and career were cut short.

By designing physical characteristics and integrating movements from previous performances captured before the rapper’s death, the Tupac hologram was produced. Using the latest technology in audio-visual, our team was able to mix in fresh choreography and vocals.

Utilizing holographic technology, our team projected the illusion of a life-sized Mr. Shakur on stage and through coordinated choreography was able to interact and perform with hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg, sending Coachella into an emotional frenzy.

proprietary projection mapping ‘Liquid Scenic’

CEMA Intimate General Session Setting InteriorProjection Mapping