‘Advaligno’ – mechanical delimbing of live trees to produce high-grade wood, which really must be called revolutionary.

Advaligno PATAS, named after the fastest climbing monkeys, is offering a solution which is designed to redefine timber stand management worldwide. The PATAS can be used for delimbing trees to achieve a much higher efficency and a strongly increased value of your forest. Or you use the PATAS as a small-sized harvester. 

The selection of the future crop trees must be completely rethought as soon as this machine is available!« With cost reductions of more than 70%, considerably more trees can be delimbed than, as usual, only every seventh to tenth. Forest owners will be able to dramatically increase the value and yield of their forestry by growing branch-free timber. Service providers are given a tool to carry out their work much more efficiently and more gently for the workforce as well as for nature.

Especially developped for the careful delimbing of larch, pine, spruce, pre-delimbing Douglas fir and eucalyptus, poplars or teak plantations​

Simple facts and figures are giving proof of the company’s self-confidentially claimed quantum leap in the field of delimbing higher trees: For the time being, foresters and service providers were glad to finish four trees or maybe six per hour by piecework. Using the PATAS will enable them to do 30 up to 50 trees an hour (in european forests, in plantations it will be 80 – 100 trees an hour). While usually no one would take the effort to continue delimbing much higher than eight meters, the advaligno machine allows for a range between 12 and 15 meters with the easiest possible operation. When you see the machine at work, you immediately understand how this immense advantage in efficiency is achieved: the PATAS will go up the tree for a complete delimbing process in nearly incredible eight to ten seconds – and back down again!

The cutting head reaches the necessary speed via hydraulically driven rubber belts that guarantee minimum bark pressure and maximum grip. During the whole year, precisely designed blades separate all branches cleanly and safely from the tree. The entire system consists of two modules: a drive unit for the connection to standardized small tractors, as well as the already mentioned cutting unit, which then works on the tree. For sure we have secured our technology by patents.

 Trees, intended for felling may be delimbed by PATAS. That prevents you from the time-consuming, dangerous and cost-intensive delimbing after felling the tree. To gain that advantage it is irrelevant, whether you want to fell the tree next week or in 20 years – the lower 12-15 meters keep delimbed.