AlphaSense – Search Engines for Financial Information

AlphaSense is a privately held technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2008 with institutional and private venture funding. The company is the creator of AlphaSense, a specialized search engine for financial services professionals

AlphaSense finds investment data and themes from within millions of research documents in seconds, all with ONE simple search.

It is easier now to look for the financial information of many global companies. Dubbed ‘the Google for financial services’, AlphaSense indexes “research documents, including company filings and transcripts, presentations, real-time news, press releases, Wall Street investment research, as well as clients’ internal content”,

  • Find and get alerted to critical information buried in filings, news, research and your own content
  • Identify key data points, trends and themes on any 1 company or across 35,000+ global companies
  • Leverage groundbreaking search technology purpose-built for company and thematic research

It applies cutting edge technology to help investment professionals, including portfolio managers and analysts, find critical information in company disclosures and act with greater insight.

Using proprietary linguistic search technology, the AlphaSense search engine parses topics, concepts, and ideas semantically and finds valuable pieces of investment information from within millions of documents in seconds—all with one simple search. The company’s clients, use advanced textual search capabilities within AlphaSense to investigate potential investment ideas, allowing them to find in seconds what would take them hours or days to find with other tools. They conduct company research quickly and efficiently and find information along with investment ideas and themes that others miss.

To provide its clients with in-depth insights into investment possibilities, AlphaSense regularly indexes millions of documents from all over the world. Documents like public company filings and conference call transcripts are indexed at a highly granular level using the company’s semantic tagging technology, which allows AlphaSense users to rapidly narrow and pinpoint specific search results.

As content grows company re-indexes its database regularly so that new insights and queries can be applied to older data; it currently stores hundreds of millions of documents. But re-indexing its data store previously took a week or more to complete, due to the depth of natural language processing and language analysis needed and the massive amount of content involved.

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