‘Qardio WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer’ & ‘Qardio Arm wireless blood pressure monitor’

QardioBase 2: all the innovative features users love, now in even better design. Tracking your weight, BMI and body composition just got smarter.

QardioBase is simple to set up and uses Bluetooth and Wifi technology to sync your data with your Qardio App automatically.

QardioBase smart scale measures your weight, BMI (body mass index), and full body composition (body fat %, muscle, water and bone mass).

QardioBase is also integrated with MyFitnessPal to help you achieve your weight goals faster than ever before.

  • Weight, BMI and body composition
  • Goal setting and reminders
  • Charts and graphs
  • Innovative smart feedback


QardioBase has a dedicated mode for moms-to-be, allowing to track weekly progress and add pictures to their numbers.


QardioBase offers this unique feedback mode, using smileys rather than numbers to track your progress towards your individual goal.


QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor is wireless, portable and easy to use. It is proven to be 4x more effective at helping users successfully lower their blood pressure than traditional monitors.

Arctic White

QardioArm is FDA cleared, and FSA/HSA eligible.

Measure the smart way

  • Irregular heart beat detection
  • For iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android & Kindle
  • Triple measurement
  • Relaxation mode

Understand your results

  • Charts and graphs
  • Result interpretation
  • Geo tracking
  • Add notes

Portable and discreet so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Clever one-touch pairing means your device is ready to

use in no time. Supports multiple users and easy data sharing.