‘Vuity’ FDA Approved eye drops that may replace reading glasses

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved prescription eyedrops that could potentially replace the need for reading glasses.

VUITY™ Now FDA-approved

Our eyes change as we age. These age related changes can lead to Blurry Near Vision, also known as presbyopia. The lenses of our eyes become harder and less flexible, making it more difficult to see up-close.

The first and only prescription eye drop to treat age-related Blurry Near Vision (presbyopia) in adults.

VUITY™ may help patients with presbyopia see up close
In clinical studies where patients received one drop of VUITY in each eye once daily, this was measured by the proportion of patients achieving a 3-line gain or more reading a near vision eye chart without losing more than 1 line in a distance vision eye chart at Day 30, 3 hours after dosing.

One drop in each eye once daily to help improve your near vision. If more than one eye drop is being used, administer at least 5 minutes apart.

Remove your contacts lenses before using VUITY™ and wait 10 minutes after dosing before reinserting your contact lenses.

This medication is used to treat age-related farsightedness (presbyopia). Pilocarpine works by causing the pupil of the eye to shrink, which may help with seeing things up close.

For patients with presbyopia, VUITY™ improves your ability to see up close while maintaining distance vision. The recommended dose is one drop once daily in each eye. If more than one topical eye medication is being used, administer at least 5 minutes apart.

n eye doctor (ophthalmologist/optometrist) can prescribe VUITY™.​