‘Koios’ -FDA Approved – AI software designed to enable the early detection of breast and thyroid cancer

FDA-Cleared Smart Ultrasound®
‘Koios’ AI for breast cancer diagnosis focuses on improving breast cancer survival rates and improves your workflow efficiency.

Cancer diagnosis with ultrasound requires great vision. Koios uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clinical decision support (“DS”) for physicians and technologists when using ultrasound to detect and diagnose cancer. The result: Smart Ultrasound™ Research continues to prove that physician performance and patient outcomes improve measurably with a second expert opinion, especially one informed by a database of hundreds of thousands of images tied to pathology results. Koios DS knows, in seconds.

Koios DS enables an automated workflow that was previously unimaginable, giving physicians back precious minutes to concentrate on what matters most. Our engineers designed algorithms to help in the fight against cancer, and software to battle physician fatigue, stress and burnout. Koios DS computer vision classifies lesions and eliminates manual data entry and the errors that go along with it.

Koios DS Breast 2.0 is artificial intelligence software designed around a dataset of over 450,000 breast ultrasound images with known results intended for use to assist physicians analyzing breast ultrasound images and aligns a machine learning-generated probability of malignancy. This probability is then checked against and aligned to the lesion’s assigned BI-RADS category, the scale physicians use to recommend care pathways.

Koios DS Breast 2.0 can be used in conjunction and integrated directly into most major viewing workstation platforms and is directly available on the LOGIQTM E10, GE Healthcare’s next generation digital ultrasound system that integrates artificial intelligence, cloud connectivity, and advanced algorithms. Artificial intelligence software generated results can be exported directly into a patient’s record. Koios Medical continues to experiment with thyroid ultrasound image data and expects to add to its offering in the next year.

Koios Medical, Inc. announced results from an evaluation of the company’s FDA cleared artificial intelligence medical device software to analyze breast ultrasound images. A group of breast radiologists using the second opinion software found cancer detection rates increased while simultaneously reducing false positive biopsy rates up to 20% over the 18 month timeframe.