‘x.ai’ is a artificial intelligence digital personal assistant that schedules meetings for business customers.

Founded in 2014, x.ai builds and maintains an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for our business customers. Backed by its founders and located in New York City.

We are fast moving from the app era to the era of the intelligent agent. Over the next half decade, we’ll witness the birth of hundreds if not thousands of autonomous intelligent agents.

x.ai makes an artificial intelligence personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.

By definition, these agents complete entire jobs by themselves, which means they must learn to understand us and our objectives.

Therein lies the technical challenge—for humans often don’t say what they mean. Worse, we believe that we’re being clear when our communications are riddled with ambiguity.

How it works:

Just cc: in your AI assistant and it will take care of the scheduling back-and-forth. The next thing you see from the AI tool will be the meeting invite.(e.g: AI bot- Amy + User: Andrew) negotiate with your guest, with your availability, preferences in mind.

Nothing slips by Amy + Andrew, and they never ever forget. They’ll politely follow up with your guest if they haven’t heard back. Trust the meeting WILL get on your calendar.

The WORST! But you have nothing to worry about. Just let Amy or Andrew know, and they’ll get to work on rescheduling

Handles EVERYTHING! Meeting time, location, timezones, multiple participants, in person, phone, conference, travel time + more. If it’s scheduling related, they’ve got it covered

It is kinda nice to be an AI boss, ain’t it? You deserve it

Never get double booked. Plenty of time between meetings. Don’t like Monday meetings before 10am? Your AI assistant has got your back.

Facebook delivered M, Amazon gave us Echo, and Google launched TensorFlow, its open source machine learning library. A whole host of startups have also emerged, including ours (x.ai), HyperScience, and Vicarious. While Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, can help with any number of tasks, they don’t take over a job in its entirety.

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