Benjamin Button clip-on new wearable action camera designed for kids and parents will use artificial intelligence to automatically pick out the best photos

Benjamin Button camera is a button-shaped and kid-tough wearable  camera that  clips onto to clothes with Artifical Intelligence to automatically take pictures of all great moments. It’s like life-logging camera.

new wearable action camera designed for kids and parents will use artificial intelligence to automatically pick out the best photos

The Benjamin Button clip-on device aims to remain unobtrusive when snapping, utilising software that can detect sound and motion to automatically take shots. Facial recognition is also involved in order to decipher between family and stranger.

The device is able to record up to three hours of stabilised footage in 1080p resolution at 25fps, while also being housed within a waterproof casing. However, due to health concerns, it doesn’t include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It has never been easier to have childhood memories captured and stored. Especially those that children (most of all ages 0-4 when we have very limited memory capacity), may not remember and which form their personality.

The Benjamin Button Company brings you the first intelligent wearable camcorder designed for kids and parents. This hi-tech camera not only captures the world from their perspective, but also automatically picks the best moments of the day converting them into enjoyable and easy to share footage, that kids, parents and grandparents love! The long term goal of Benjamin Button is to create an ecosystem around family memories and to revolutionize parenting by allowing parents and kids to have true shared time together, and at the same time, keeping their most precious memories for generations to come.

More on technology

“Just clip, pin or simply attach Benjamin Button to your, or your child´s clothes and you will get the most authentic, natural and loveable full HD content with up to 3-hours recording time. Based on sound recognition, face recognition and action recognition you will be automatically given only the best parts of the day that you have captured with Benjamin or, you can select the best moments after they have happened. This gives you not only free hands, but also more focus on, and enjoyment of, the shared moments with your child. You relax, Benjamin takes care of the most precious memories to be captured, stored and remembered. Modern parents will appreciate advanced encrypted privacy security, no WiFi or Bluetooth radiation and made of safe BPA-free plastic. Memories now come in the most hassle free and safest way possible!”

Current status

The 4th prototype of Benjamin Button is currently undergoing testing in a closed circle of beta testers.  At the same time, intelligent software is being tested in Beta (link to beta software demo can be provided on request – only for beta testers and media use). The pre-orders of the Benjamin Button wearable camera will be accepted from May 2017 with the delivery of a ready, reliable product before Christmas 2017.

The first series of products will be sold via our Kickstarter campaign starting in May 2017. For beta testing and the first customer sign up, please visit

Meet me

Explore the parameters of Benjamin Button:

  • 140 deg. diagonal FOV aspherical lens
  • 10809/25 fps full HD recording (video), advanced video enhancement features
  • 16 GB storage
  • Li-pol battery custom made up to 3 hour of recording
  • Automatic turn on and turn off system
  • Water, dust and kids-proof (IP 66/67)
  • USB type C connector
  • 264 encoding
  • 2inch (53 mm) in diameter and 0.79 (20 mm) inch in thickness
  • Weight of 65 g (2.3 Oz) = 4 chewing gum packs
  • No active WiFi or Bluetooth

Behind the scenes

Benjamin Button is made by a young, conscientious company with it’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany and with operations in Bratislava, Slovakia (also their legal seat). The founding team of 3 people includes parents and technology experts, with a core team of 6 additional members experienced in PCB development, software and app development, marketing, PR, media, gaming, or manufacturing.

The Benjamin Button team is led by serial entrepreneur and former journalist Dominik Orfanus who is a father of 2 daughters (4 and 6 yrs). This team has been working on the original idea since June 2014 with many pivots and wrong turns, but staying loyal to the original idea – saving children memories that they might not otherwise remember.

‘Through the memories of the youngest family members we are creating a world where we are bringing families together in this fast and demanding era’, said Dominik. Together with a former school mate from secondary school Andrej Spanik (CTO), they are now focused on bringing the final hardware prototype to life: ‘We expect to finish laboratory testing in April, after that we will give it to our beta users for testing and certification,’ explains Andrej. The girl power behind Benjamin: Michala Lipkova is in charge of UX and branding and together with Boris Salapa, the Creative Head and Ivan, the crowdfunding manager they are now finishing the preparation for the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Dennis, Veronika, Matus, Daniel, Ludo and others are finetuning the product and service as well as the company partnerships. For more info, please visit:

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