‘Sensoria’ Artificial Intelligence Sportswear Wearable electronics.

Sensoria has developed a technology platform comprising novel textile sensors, innovative electronics, mobile application with real-time alerting capabilities and a robust cloud infrastructure for data analysis.

The Sensoria sensors are skin safe and have been tested against multiple pH ranges. They are less than 1 mm in thickness, providing flexibility in form factor for a wide range of clinical applications.

Sensoria has a vision that The Garment Is The Computer®.  The company designs, develops and produces body-sensing smart garments as truly wearable devices that make meaningful impact. 

The Sensoria Fitness smart sock is equipped with our 100% textile sensors attach and detach to our microelectroics.

The sensors measure plantar pressure and force, and the connected Core can wirelessly transmit the data to everything from a mobile device to a cloud based HIPAA compliant repository system for analytics and behavioral feedback.

Sensoria offers a full range of smart garments for multiple activities. Our smart upper garments can monitor your heart rate while our smart socks can detect cadence, foot landing and impact forces.

Sensoria® Running System

Utilize this complete system to enhance your training from head to toe. The Smart Upper Garments provide real-time heart rate monitoring capabilities while the Smart Socks can help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces and foot landing.

All connected by the Sensoria Run App which provides AI coaching and dashboard tracking.

Our AI coach, Mara, provides you with inspirational and customized suggestions. You earn cool badges for each specific milestone achievement. Your progress is tracked and trended and can be viewed by session, day, week or month. Your Virtual Shoe Closet compares your form and your results by shoe model, brand and style and will even let you know when it is time to invest in a new pair!

Training Plans

The NEW Sensoria Run v2.0 App provides you with access to our training plans! These programs allow you to set short term and long term goals, monitor your progress over time and provide you with real-time actionable feedback.