‘AIVA’ – Artificial Intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music

AIVA assists you in your creative process to create compelling themes for your projects by leveraging the power of AI-generated music.

AIVA – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist

AIVA specializes in classical and symphonic music composition. It became the world’s first virtual composer to be recognized by a music society (SACEM). By reading a large collection of existing works of classical music (written by human composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) AIVA is capable of detecting regularities in music and on this base composing on its own.

Use temp tracks to control the composition process if you need to create an original score that has a similar emotional impact as another existing score, you can upload your own MIDI file to influence AIVA’s composition process.

AIVA’s Artificial Intelligence systems are based on stochastic algorithms, meaning that the likelihood of AIVA generating exactly the same composition twice is practically impossible, when trained properly. AIVA team have placed a lot of care in training and testing our systems with scale in mind. 

The algorithm AIVA is based on deep learning and reinforcement learning architectures. Since January 2019, the company offers a commercial product, Music Engine, capable of generating short (up to 3 minutes) compositions in various styles (rock, pop, jazz, fantasy, shanty, tango, 20th century cinematic, modern cinematic, and Chinese).

Any Preset

Key Signature

If you want your composition to be more uplifting you will need to select Any Major for the Key Signature. If you prefer to create a more melancholic piece, then you may select Any Minor.

Modern Cinematic

Instrumentation: Mallets & Orchestra.

While this ensemble performs really well with any combination of parameters, you might want to select a 3/4 Time Signature for more Waltz-like rhythmic accompaniments

Genetic algorithms are inspired by the principles of evolution: given a population of candidate solutions (in our case, musical scores), users leverage their properties evolve through processes akin to genetic mutation and chromosome crossovers to create new properties, which will be tested against some criteria of evolution.

In music, those criteria are the rules of the style of music that we want the AI to compose in. Finally, the “fitter” scores are selected according to those criteria, and we can repeat this process until the evolutionary system produces pleasing results.

Instrumentation: Epic Orchestra | Key Signature: Any Minor | Time Signature: 4/4.

This is a perfect selection if you are a fan of Epic music, or if you are looking for a composition with a lot of basses.

Instrumentation: String Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor | Pacing: Slow.

If you’re looking for a slower-paced and emotional piece, strings are usually perfect instruments to go for.

Instrumentation: Strings & Brass | Key Signature: Any Minor | Pacing: Fast.

From this combination of parameters, you can expect brass instruments to take an important role more often while having a more subtle amount of bass compared to the Epic Orchestra. Perfect if you want a theme for a crime-fighting, vigilante superhero with a black costume!

Instrumentation: Cyberpunk Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor | Pacing: Medium.

Perfect for more synthetic pieces with a futuristic vibe.

Instrumentation: Synthwave Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor | Pacing: Slow.

If you’re looking for a more retro version of the Cyberpunk Ensemble, these parameters are perfect. This particular ensemble tends to feature more analog-sounding synths.


Instrumentation: Bright Piano | Pacing: Medium or Fast.

Our Bright Piano is perfect for more upbeat compositions, and a piano is a versatile instrument for a style like Pop.

Instrumentation: Soft Piano | Pacing: Slow | Key Signature: Any Minor.

Our Soft Piano is intended to give you a more intimate, close up sound, and combining it with a slower pacing and a minor key is perfect for a melancholic piece of Pop music.

Instrumentation: Pop Ensemble | Key Signature: C Major.

A more traditional Pop ensemble with an Electric Bass, different Electric Guitars, and a Piano.


Instrumentation: Clean Rock Ensemble | Pacing: Medium or Fast.

This combination is perfect to get a piece without distorted guitars.

Instrumentation: Heavy Rock Ensemble | Pacing: Medium or Fast.

We recommend this for a more “Hard Rock” feel.

Sea Shanties

Instrumentation: Symphonic Orchestra or Epic Orchestra | Time Signature: 6/8 or Pacing: Fast | Key Signature: “Any Major”.

Perfect for an upbeat, pirate game soundtrack.

Instrumentation: Symphonic Orchestra or Epic Orchestra | Pacing: Slow | Key Signature: “Any Minor”.

If you’re looking the tragic tale of a sailor lost at sea, you should try this combination!

20th Century Cinematic

Instrumentation: Symphonic Orchestra | Pacing: Fast | Key Signature: “Any Major”.

This is the ideal combination to get a soundtrack in the style of scores from the Golden Age of Hollywood.


For a more cinematic type of Chinese music, try the “Symphonic Orchestra” instrumentation. For a more traditional type of Chinese music, try the “Small Chinese Ensemble” instrumentation


If you want a more upbeat Tango, go for a Major key signature. Otherwise, a Minor key signature is perfect in combination with slower pacing.


Try the “Deep Tech” and “Dat Funk” ensembles for more fast-paced, energetic tracks.
The “Big Room” and “Grande” ensembles will give you more rhythmic tracks with moderate pacing.

Instrumentation: Cyberpunk Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor.

Great for more aggressive-sounding electronic music, with heavy, synthetic drums and harsher synthesizer sounds.

Instrumentation: Synthwave Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor.

Similarly to the other variants of the Synthwave Ensemble, this will offer a more “vintage-sounding” electronic vibe.


Both the Acoustic and Hybrid ensembles are suitable for more subtle background music in films or video games, with the Acoustic ensemble featuring orchestral arrangements, and the Hybrid ensemble featuring a combination of orchestral and electronic instruments.

The Lo-Fi and Electronic ensembles are more groove-oriented, and feature drums more prominently. While the Lo-Fi ensemble features sparse arrangements and purposeful imperfections in recording quality, the Electronic ensemble features fuller arrangements and nostalgic synthesizer sounds akin to the synthwave genre.

Instrumentation: Cyberpunk Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor.

Moody and atmospheric electronic music, featuring a lot of airy synthesizer sounds and mellow bass rhythms. Great background music for programming!

Instrumentation: Synthwave Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Major.

A more relaxed variation of the other Synthwave Ensembles, with a more nostalgic vibe.

Hip Hop

Old School Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor.

Try this for a style reminiscent of early 80s and 90s Hip Hop, characterized by simple rhythms and “vintage” sounding instruments.

Trap Ensemble | Key Signature: Any Minor.

This will give you a more modern sound with complex and syncopated rhythms, along with more synthetic samples and tighter production.