‘Little Fish’ is a AI home assistant robot with tablet like screen, developed by Baidu, China’s leading search engine.

Baidu’s new voice-controlled home robot is like an Amazon Echo with a screen called ‘Little Fish’ Conversational Computer – Baidu+”Little Fish” home assistant robot.

Baidu, China’s leading search engine, and Ainemo Inc., China’s top technology driven consumer electronic company, jointly unveiled “Little Fish” (Chinese name: Xiaoyu Zaijia), a voice-controlled family robot powered by Baidu’s AI at Digital Experience. With the partnership of these two industry leaders, “Little Fish” is positioned to become one of the top home assistants in the world.

“Little Fish” is powered by DuerOS, Baidu’s AI assistant platform. It takes the user experience to the next level with the addition of a screen that can show visual aids for more engaging user interactions and assistance. Users may interact with “Little Fish” through voice conversations to enjoy music, explore news, get answers, request on-demand services, manage calendars, control home appliances, make video calls and more. Unlike other AI assistants, “Little Fish” (Xiaoyu Zaijia) features a large screen, which opens up the ability to video chat and stream visual content directly from the device.

“A.I. is a valuable new tool that will surely change many industries and become the next trillion-dollar market,” said Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, founder & CEO of Sinovation Ventures. “With this smart device, people at home can free up their hands and have reliable assistance in a few key things like making phone calls and playing music, searching for information, etc.  The assistant gets smarter over time by adding new skills and learning about the family’s behaviors.”

Featuring an “A.I. Brain,” “Little Fish” not only assists, but also learns. The innovative device expands its knowledge regularly, becoming smarter and more efficient day by day. Whether it is ordering takeout, purchasing movie tickets, or connecting with family, friends, or colleagues who are away from each other, “Little Fish” offers a caliber of assistance like never before.

For more information and a first look at “Little Fish” (Xiaoyu Zaijia), please visit www.zaijia.com.
For more information about Baidu DuerOS, please visit http://duer.baidu.com

Little Fish” home assistant, powered by the DuerOS conversational computer operating system. Speak to it to tell it what you want. Its large screen also makes browsing food delivery menus, videoconferencing, etc. easier.


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