‘Hiku’ grocery list assistant streamlines list making and shopping

Hiku Labs’ Hiku grocery list assistant has the potential to streamline list making and shopping.

Hiku lives in your kitchen, scans barcodes and recognizes your voice – creating a shared shopping list on your phone so you always know what you need. Use the hiku shopping list app at the store – any store – and your list is always with you. Or connect hiku to online stores to make online shopping a breeze.

Hiku is much more than a chunky fridge magnet. As you scan or tell it which groceries you need, it can integrate with a number of third-party shopping lists. Hiku plans to add features to make life simpler by providing online price comparisons and online ordering.
Scan it

Scan barcodes to instantly add items to your shopping list.

Say it

hiku recognizes your voice so you can also speak the items you need to put them in the list.

Scan it

Scan barcodes to instantly add items to your shopping list.

Shop it

Take the hiku mobile app into the store and your lists will always be with you and always up-to-date. Or connect hiku to online shopping services (available in some areas) to make shopping easier than ever.

Always handy

hiku magnets to your fridge or sits on your counter so it’s always ready to go.

One button simplicity

hiku is super simple and easy to use – everyone in the family can help with the shopping.

Hiku makes grocery shopping modern, magical, and fun for busy families.



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