Atmospheric Water Generators that Make Water from Air

The WaterMill WM-200 is unlike any other water collection device. It is an  intelligent system that can regulate itself to produce pure water for a healthy family and environment.

Johathan Ritchey has invented this novel device, which is essentially an atmospheric water collection device that condenses water vapor and purifies it.

Originally designed for areas that do not have clean drinking water, the Watermill is for households that need an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to bottled water.

Engineered for simple installation, ease of use and maximum water generation from air, this provides clean and safe drinking water 24 hours a day.

What is unique about the Watermill is that it has intelligence. It samples the air every 3 minutes to determine the most efficient time to convert the air into water.

It will also tell you when to change its carbon filter and will shut itself off if it cannot make pure clean water. Its innovative control system enables it to adapt to changing conditions in every climate. It automatically adjusts airflow to maximize water production while minimizing power consumption. It displays temperature, humidity and water production and it will tell you when it is time for service.

The watermill is an affordable domestic appliance capable of extracting the moisture naturally present in atmospheric humidity.

The product has the potential to change lives by eliminating the time and energy spent on a daily basis by billions of people worldwide to obtain a small supply of this life-sustaining substance and also by eliminating exposure to severe health risks caused by ingesting contaminated water.

Considering the cost of running pipelines, public water filtration systems, or buying bulk clean water in the store, this technology is clearly the most cost effective. It is designed to minimize energy use and looks elegant in the house. Water production is constantly monitored and controlled.

The Watermill WM-200 leads the evolution of atmospheric water generators.


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