Canvas – automated robot for the drywall finishing

Canvas leverages advancements in collaborative robotics and machine learning to build a new class of tool for the drywall finishing space.

The Canvas system provides a flexible approach to drywall finishing, combining the skills and expertise of trained union workers with technology that together enable Canvas to consistently deliver Level 5+ finishes.


Built Robotics and SafeAI, Inc.! and Canvas are all working to reinvent the construction site, making it safer and efficient.

About the size of a kitchen stove, the four-wheeled robot navigates an unfinished building carrying laser scanners, sensors, and a robotic arm fitted to a vertical platform.

the robot scans the unfinished walls and gets to work smoothing the surface before applying a near perfect layer of drywall compound. The device picks up objects with a robotic arm and can ask a person for help. The Canvas robot requires human oversight, but its operator does not need to be an expert drywaller or roboticist. It can help companies do more drywalling in less time and has higher labor productivity compared to a human.

Canvas currently focuses on installing drywall at commercial construction sites larger than 10,000 square feet (3,048 square meters). Canvas’ founder says its machines operate faster and at a higher level of quality than humans working without a robot.