‘SAM – Semi-Automated Mason’ Mason robot that can lay bricks

SAM, short for Semi-Automated Mason, is a brick laying robot designed and engineered by Construction Robotics.

SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) is a collaborative robot designed to work with the help of trained masons; it relies on one mason to operate it, a tender to load it with bricks and mortar and another mason to secure wall ties, remove excess mortar and lay bricks in corners or other challenging areas.

AM can build walls six times faster than a human bricklayer and can lay around 3,000 bricks per day and is designed to work with humans.

New York firm Construction Robotics has created SAM, the world’s first commercially available bricklaying robot.

SAM’s basic components include a large robotic arm with multiple joints, a laser eye that detects depths and distances required to place each brick, a pair of story poles at the left and right of the work area, a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)-generated design for mapping the job and a tablet-based control panel.

SAM is a bricklaying system designed and engineered to make the process safer and less physically demanding. The first commercially available system of its kind for onsite masonry construction.