Automatic Car Wash now for Airplanes

Aviator NORDIC DINO robot is a computerised and self-contained system purpose built for washing aircraft exteriors. The system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles and rotating cleaning brushes powered by a lightweight remote control that permits safe and simple one-man operation.

NORDIC DINO meets the requirements for washing aircraft exteriors and incorporates safety features designed to prevent accidental personal injury and aircraft damage.

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The NORDIC DINO II is designed specifically for narrow-bodied aircraft, such as B757, B737 and A320. It has a washing height of 8.5 metres and can also be combined with the Nordic Dino 777 or Nordic Dino 4380 to wash any wide-bodied aircraft.

New technology uses robotic arms to wash and clean an aircraft. This save time and keeps aircraft safe, helping the airlines to increase their frequency.



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