e-ink that can automatically change the paint color on a car

BMW E Ink allows vehicle owners to change the color of a vehicle. · E Ink is not paint; it’s a wrap composed of numerous ePaper panels.

Users may now be able to customize vehicle exteriors with minimal hassle at the touch of a button, when prompted by aesthetic preferences, environmental conditions, or a host of other functional purposes.

By making use of electrophoretic coloring (developed by E Ink for use in e-reader displays), different color pigments are brought to the forefront.

Electrophoresis is a process for separating charged molecules based on their movement through a fluid under the influence of an applied electric field.

BMW's E Ink Tech Brings Color Changing Body Panels At A Touch Of A Button -  YouTube

When stimulated by an electric field, the surface of each microcapsule is flooded by one of the pigments as per the given setting, to impart color to the body – much like an electronic paper display (EPD).