‘Firefly Automatix’ – fully automated, self-propelled turf grass harvesters.

FireFly Automatix is a manufacturer of turf grass harvesters designed to automat the process.

The most refined automated roll harvester system. Their equipment is precise. Smooth. Quiet. Fast. Efficient. Perfect pallets every time. Nobody has more experience than FireFly in cutting wide varieties of grass type and conditions.

FireFly’s disruptive technology changes the game.

FireFly Automatix's new self-propelled, hybrid mower 'cuts costs', says  maker

Whether you’re cutting in peat, sand, mineral soil, muck, or black dirt, FireFly does it all. It’s sod harvesters are producing perfect pallets of bermuda, St. Augustine, fescue, zoysia, and bluegrass, day in and day out. In addition, the smart design of the self-propelled M220 mower is reinventing field maintenance.

It’s the fastest slab harvester on the market. It also leaves zero waste in the field.

The ProSlab’s turbo-charged 4-cylinder Tier 4 Final JCB engine is vibration isolated and runs at low RPMs to give you great fuel economy. And you’ll make fewer fuel stops with a 60 gallon/225 liter tank. The moisture blocking tank breather keeps moisture out of oil in high humidity environments. The blower fan blows hot air out, keeping the engine compartment cool, extending component life.

Standard LED lighting package provides true daylight color at night, reduces power drain, and lasts longer…a lot longer. LED lights are commonly rated for 50,000 hours.

Direct drive hydraulic pumps provide increased efficiency and lower weight. Spin-on hydraulic filters are above the oil tank level, making them easy to change and minimizing oil loss during service. This reduces contamination during service.

The cutter features FireFly’s proven depth control system that provides unmatched stability for your cutter blade, low maintenance, and long life. The depth of cut is easily changed with the touch of a button. One of FireFly’s early innovations, depth control systems represent several themes found throughout our harvesters: longer lasting…built to handle the job…less grease and maintenance.

The down pressure is fully adjustable to accommodate very hard ground and soft ground, all at the operator’s fingertips. The ProSlab 155B’s double down pressure roller gives you more consistent turf. With more even thickness, the turf doesn’t tear as easily, and the pallets are easier to load.