‘SafeAI’ – Autonomous Vehicle technology for mining and construction.

The SafeAI Autonomous Platform brings advanced Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicle technology to mining and construction industries.

SafeAI was built by a team that brings rigorous safety standards, decades of production experience, and expertise in the implementation of the most advanced AI algorithms. With this experience, we partner with leading mining and construction companies to rapidly scale autonomous solutions for long-term value.

SafeAI aims to explore new ideas on AI safety engineering, ethically aligned design, regulation and standards for AI-based systems. 

SafeAI retrofits heavy equipment for autonomous applications in the mining and construction industries. Our autonomous technology enables equipment owners to transform existing machines into self-operating assets.

Construction represents one of the largest sectors in the global economy. According to the Association of General Contractors, construction creates nearly $1.3 trillion worth of structures each year in America. But the industry also faces a slew of urgent safety concerns (one in five worker deaths last year were in construction), increasing labor shortages, missed deadlines, and rising costs — and COVID-19 has only accelerated these bottlenecks.

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Autonomous heavy equipment delivers a safer, more productive solution for the construction industry. By retrofitting existing fleets of industrial equipment with its autonomy platform, the SafeAI team is propelling the industry forward as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. In doing so, we’re also paving the way for the future of autonomous technology outside of on-road vehicles.

Ready solutions deployable at your existing site


Hauling & dumping material as suited to your use-cases using 30-ton articulated dump trucks to 220-ton haul trucks.


Moving large quantities of material using a bulldozer for different use-cases in the heavy equipment industry.


Picking & carrying material from point to point using wheeled or tracked skid-steer loaders as suited for multiple use-cases.

Autonomous Skid-Steer

Our autonomous compact tracked loader completes a load-haul-dump (LHD) task autonomously.

SafeAI’s advanced awareness and perception technology can help enhance safety at your worksite, for example using the technology to identify if personal protective equipment is worn by field operators at all times.

Seamless” control command and fleet operation of integrated autonomous vehicles and equipment using an easy and intuitive interface.

Open & Interoperable

Take off autonomous kit from one equipment and install it to another.

Full access to your site operation data – see operational history and plan future operations from the comfort of your office or remote locations.