Autoslide automatic sliding door opener technology creates easier access in and out of your home and between rooms inside. The original Autoslide smart door opener opens a single-panel door and the MultiDrive system automates both single and multi-panel doors. Both offer a wide variety of activation options to enable touchless accessibility. Use for sliding patio doors, pet doors, disabled accessible automatic door opener, barn doors and sliding windows.

Autoslide’s safety reverse feature is designed to automatically reverse direction if the door comes in to contact with someone, or any object, in it’s path.

Autoslide is designed to be an easy Do-It-Yourself product. Every home automation kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet and an instructional DVD. Here is a helpful video showing the installation process

Autoslide measures 19.29 inches long, 2.76 inches high, and 2.56 inches wide.

AutoSlide Pet Accessibility

Give your pet some freedom! The automatic pet door kit allows pets to enter and exit your home on their own.


The Autoslide iLock systems have an electric dynamic locking motor. While the Autoslide unit is in Normal Mode or Pet Mode, it will remain locked when the door is closed. When the door is activated using one of the Autoslide activation devices, the Autoslide will disengage the lock inside the motor and the door will open. Once the door closes back, it will reengage the lock, providing a now secure sliding door.

Currently it does not have a direct integration with those home automation platforms. You can, however, use a third-party momentary relay that is compatible with the platform of your choosing to connect our systems for use through the platform using our Key Switch Cable.

It has a Wifi based app you can use with the systems. As to direct integration, we should have direct integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTT in the near future.

Types of sensors –

Hand Wave Sensor –

The Autoslide Wireless Hand Wave Sensor allows you to activate your Autoslide automatic sliding door with a wave of the hand. This touchless option can help increase hygiene by preventing unwashed hands from interacting on a traditional button surface. It also is a great solution to activate the door when your hands are full but are not able to have a motion sensor mounted above the door.

The Wireless Hand Wave Sensor is powered by two 3 volt batteries (CR2032) that will last you up to a year’s time, depending on daily usage. This sensor can be placed in a secure setting for the outside of your home to prevent usage when the door is locked and you don’t want access into your home.

IR Motion Sensor

The Autoslide Infrared Motion Sensor is an add-on accessory for the Autoslide automatic sliding door system and can be purchased either individually or as a twin pack. The Wired IR Motion Sensor connects to the Autoslide using the cables that are included. It can be installed above the door for people or low on the door jamb for pet use. When the IR beam from the sensor is broken by an approaching person or pet, the Autoslide system will immediately be triggered to open the door and provide hands-free convenience. This is especially helpful when your hands are full or if a certain family member has trouble remembering to shut the door behind them. The IR beam length is adjustable, allowing it to be set so that an approaching young child will not activate the door. The Wired IR Sensor is hardwired to the Autoslide system, it does not require any batteries for operation. However the Wireless version does require batteries.

It is important to note that installation of only one IR Motion Sensor will only automate the sliding door one-way. To fully automate your sliding door from the inside and outside, two Infrared Motion Sensors will need to be installed. Please note that the infrared motion sensors must be mounted out of direct sunlight or weather/rain exposure. 

Sunlight shining into the sensor can be read as heat and falsely trigger it.

Microwave Sensor – The Autoslide microwave movement detector is perfect for use where entrances are affected by the sun causing interference with standard infrared (IR) sensors. These sensors have a wider and farther field of activation. The microwave sensor has a directional pivot in order to increase or decrease the area of activation by motion. 

Pressure Mat –

Turn Your Doormat Into a Pet Door Activation Sensor

The Autoslide Pet Doormat Sensor will enable your Autoslide Door System to open and close your sliding glass door any time your pet stands on or walks across the Pet Sensor Doormat. The mat is connected wirelessly to the Autoslide system so there won’t be any unsightly wires in view.

The new Pet Doormat Sensor slides under your doormat and activates the door via radio transmitter when triggered by your pet. This simple to use device can be moved around to gain the best method of approach by your pet. The transmitter uses Velcro to attach to the door frame and the mat is positioned under a conveniently located doormat.

The pet mat will activate even with the weight of the smallest of dogs. The Autoslide Door System’s pet mode allows the door to open only to the predetermined width needed for your pet walk through. This helps reduce the loss of heating or cooling in the home as well as prevent unwanted bugs from entering.