‘Bartesian’ – automatic cocktails on-demand at the press of a button.

Bartesian will automatically and precisely draw the spirits and water over their own independent lines. They mix with the cocktail capsule contents and then are dispensed in seconds. When done, Bartesian auto rinses and is ready for the next premium cocktail.

Bartesian is an innovative, effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails on-demand at the press of a button. Bartesian was made to not only be perfect at home but for Food Service/Hospitality applications as well.

Each cocktail’s yield is designed to meet the standards of authentic recipes that make use of genuine ingredients.

The amount of spirit(s) drawn can be adjusted for each cocktail selecting from mocktail, light, regular or strong which will increase or lessen the overall yield accordingly. 

Bartesian is all about an authentic cocktail lounge experience where cocktails are either served on ice, or shaken/strained over ice. We account for the dilution introduced by using ice in the development of our cocktails. Not using ice will likely result in flavors that are bolder than intended.

Cocktail capsules contain everything needed beyond the alcohol to make your favorite cocktails—including real bitters, extracts, and juices.

You’ll stock your Bartesian with the base spirits: Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Gin/Rum as well as water. Then, select your desired Bartesian recyclable cocktail capsule which contains all of the bitters, extracts, and juice concentrates that would otherwise need to be individually sourced, purchased and stored.

Once the single-serve premium cocktail capsule is inserted into Bartesian, the cocktail is immediately identified via barcode and suggests proper glassware on the user interface touchscreen. Bartesian prompts to customize the pour strength of the drink ranging from mocktail to strong, then simply press ‘Mix’