Sun Joe 1440 Watt Battery Powered Generator

 Sun Joe SJ1440SG 1440 Watt Battery Powered Portable Ind/Out Inverter.

PORTABLE POWERHOUSE. Get off the grid and power up your home appliances during a blackout with the SJ1440SG Indoor Outdoor Portable Generator from SUN JOE.

This fuel-free portable powerhouse is perfect to power small household appliances, and electronics during electrical outages, or to use for power tools, tailgating, camping trips — or anywhere power is at a premium. Powered by an internal, sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, SUN JOE is gas-free, maintenance-free, fume-free and perfectly safe for both indoor and outdoor applications! No tangled pull cords, or late night trips to the gas station in a storm. Just pure, clean, reliable power at the push of a button.

Plug in your computer, power up your phone, internet modem, TV, lamp, microwave, and other small household appliances into the 2 USB ports, 2 outlets, or 2 auxiliary (“cigarette lighter”) outlets. Jump-start your car, power up your tools, household appliances, lights and more! The built-in large roller wheels and transport handle will keep you rolling wherever portable power is needed most.

With continuous output of 1440 Watts, SUN JOE provides the power you can count on so you can stay safe during most electrical outages with up to 180 hours of runtime for your home alarm system, brighten up the storm with up to 15 hours of runtime for 60 W lightbulbs, or stay connected with up to 750 hours of runtime for your cellphone, and much more! And when SUN JOE runs out of power, simply plug in to a 120 V wall outlet for up to 24 hours for a full charge so it’s recharged and ready for the next outage. Or, let the sun provide the power to store with the optional solar panel add-on (sold separately).

Equipped with a 4” LCD display system, SUN JOE makes it easy to monitor input, output, and battery level for precise power and control at your fingertips.