‘BeamO’ – Home Health handheld device that can monitor vitals

BeamO is a 4-in-1 health checkup, it possesses a digital stethoscope that provides insights into your heart and lung sounds, a medical-grade 1-lead ECG to detect AFib, an oximeter that measures your blood oxygen levels and a contactless thermometer to measure body temperature.

BeamO is a portable device, smaller than a smartphone. You can use it on the go to take vital measurements for you and your family members.

On a daily basis, BeamO has the ability to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), and provide notifications in case heart rates are too low or too high. It can also detect high body temperature and show potential signs of desaturation of your blood oxygen.

BeamO is for people who want to track their health at home, either by themselves or with the assistance of a doctor through a televisit. BeamO provides a more seamless way to check temperature, ECG, blood oxygen levels, as well as heart and lung sounds from the sanctity of home.

BeamO is also perfect for assisting with at-home health tracking for various family members (such as children or the elderly)

It also has a digital stethoscope that provides heart and lungs sounds. However, only a doctor can interpret the heart and lung sounds. It could help doctors for the evaluation of conditions such as asthma or COPD.

BeamO can be used by up to 8 users in the same household.

BeamO has improved sensor which is designed for robustness and sensitivity to distance and movement to provide accurate temperature measurements. This is combined with our state-of-the-art miniaturized oximeter and 1-lead ECG, as well as integrated digital stethoscope, creating the first multi-scope of its kind.

BeamO is considered a Multiscope and therefore does not reside within the Thermo category range.
Thermo exclusively offers contactless temperature tracking, whereas BeamO boasts the advantages of a second-generation Hotspot sensor that is both more robust and responsive to movement. This results in more accurate contactless temperature measurements. Consequently, it offers a more thorough insight into the user’s health and provides an overall greater value.

BeamO can be used on a daily basis to track your health closely and spot any change in your vital trends (eg. chronic disease management) or on a weekly/monthly basis for acute pathology monitoring (e.g. child’s fever management).

‘Withings’ offers a feature directly on the app for users to export their health data into a comprehensive PDF report that can be emailed to their doctor.

In the context of an augmented televisit, BeamO can be used as a companion tool to share your complete health record as well as perform live measurements. Users will be able to share their data directly through our telehealth platform so that doctors can have access to their measurements and complete health record.