‘Beautiful.ai’ presentation maker for business.

‘Beautiful.ai’ is AI driven software platform that helps business users prepare professional theme based presentations quickly.

Scale presentations quickly with our AI presentation maker

Bring the power of generative AI to your presentation process. Go from start to finish in seconds with our new AI presentation maker called DesignerBot. Just describe the presentation you need and watch it create your first draft like magic.


Start inspired with Smart Slide templates

Never stare at a blank slide again. We filled our presentation maker with tons of smart templates for you to choose from, so it’s easy to start, finish and impress in no time.

1. Add your content and watch our slides adapt like magic.

The perfect presentation maker should have the designer built-in. This one does. So just add your notes, data, anything and snap!–messy ideas turn into stunning slides.

2. Make edits easily with simple, intuitive controls

Need to resize an image? A simple drag handle does the trick. Change any value, number or size of elements on your slide with easy to use edit controls so your productivity takes off.

3. Stay on brand with customizable themes

Add your brand colors, fonts and logos to make every presentation consistent—and consistently creative. Get access to millions of stock photos, icons and videos to make an impact.

4. Present your best work ever

Whether you are sharing a link, presenting live, or offline, you’ll always make an impact with stunning animations that capture your audience’s attention.

Never start from scratch

Starting from a blank slide can be daunting. Just ask DesignerBot the type of presentation you are looking for, and let it create the first draft.

Go from idea to editing in seconds

Once your AI presentation is generated, use Beautiful.ai’s Smart Slide templates to make edits quickly and adapt the content to your story.

Get creative with images

Convert your ideas into art with DesignerBot. Simply type in the image you want to create, and watch DesignerBot generate unique images for you.

World-class presentation templates

Whether you need a create a pitch deck, sales proposal, data report, or marketing plan, our starter templates will give you the head start you need.

Millions of stock photos and videos

Our rich media library will give you access to millions of free stock photos, videos and icons by our partners at Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay

Customizable style themes

No one likes frankendecks. Add your company’s fonts, colors and icon styles to your presentation theme and make it yours.

Searchable slide library

Search for slide templates or layouts to visualize your idea from our inspiration gallery. You can also search for content you created from past presentations.

Voice narration over slides

Add narrative context to your content, when you need to present offline, or engage your audience remotely. Upload audio tracks as well for slides that need to heard.

Secured sharing and collaboration

Work with anyone, anywhere. Nail remote collaboration by adding team members and share your presentation via a link, email or embed code.