‘Betriton’ – Amphibious electric camper-trike for two that allows you to travel over both land and water

BeTRITON is an Amphibious 100 per cent electric camper-trike for two that allows you to travel over both land and water whilst providing a place to rest your head. It’s a three-wheel electric moped (L2e in EU) and a small boat.

BeTriton is an all-in-one electric camper, tricycle, and boat that can tackle land and water.

BeTRITON (formerly known as Z-Triton) is good for either long-distance adventures or recreation – a weekend getaway deep in nature.

It’s range is – 50+ km overland and 20+ km on water (continuous riding)

Sleeps / rides 2 peopleElectric boat motor with steering from the cabinElectric bike assistance/motorIntegrated solar roof panels with Li-ion battery packRange = 2 days (50km land + 20km water)A pot for your favourite plantFoldup kitchen tableCooling/heatingUSB charging, GPS, sound system, etc.

The unique amphibious mobile home offers an incredible level of versatility crammed into its small but perfectly formed frame. It has room for a tiny kitchen and two people to sleep comfortably, allowing for both long adventures and quick getaways into nature.

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On land, it can reach up to 25 mph and can be powered by cycling, with the added benefit of two 250W electric motors and a 36V battery that gives riders 40km of assistance.

Once the three wheels are folded up and the inflatable pontoons are attached, the list of exciting features becomes endless. In boat mode it’s equipped with 40 ft/lb 12v Electric Outboard Trolling Motor, the hull is a harmonious concoction of blue-and-orange buttons that control headlights, a stylised orange Z for the steering wheel, winch, manual windscreen wiper, voltmeter, interior lights, 12V DC output, temperature and more.