German Bionic’s Cray X – Exoskeleton Back support for lifting

Cray X provides immediate support for workers involved in manual handling tasks. German Bionic provides a complete system solution that can be integrated into digital logistics and smart warehouse workflows. The Cray X provides immediate support for workers involved in manual handling tasks.

Additionally exoskeleton supports two regions of the body – the Cray X now adds walking assistance to 30 kg of lifting support.

The fully connected German Bionic solution expands the possibilities and takes human augmentation to new levels. By protecting the physical and psychological health of manual workers – such as through the Smart Safety Companion real-time ergonomic early warning system – unhealthy lifting and fatigue are effectively avoided leading to significant cuts in absenteeism and employee turnover rates.

Moreover, the platform embraces workers as part of the digital workflow and facilitates the interoperable exchange of data between all enterprise systems. This not only streamlines processes; it also provides the basis to identify and resolve bottlenecks and other workflow issues. It all adds up to healthier and happier workers, lower costs, greater productivity, increased operational reliability as well as tighter processes across the board – day in, day out.

The German Bionic SMART SAFETY COMPANION provides a holistic approach to workplace health & safety. It represents an intelligent, real-time early warning system to counter poor postures and lifting practices while preventing errors and injuries occurring due to human fatigue.

By applying the knowledge of ergonomics experts in real time directly where it’s needed most – at the worker on the shop floor – it immediately unlocks the gates to entirely new potentials for the protec­tion of workers and business performance, while simultaneously offering extensive reporting functions. The cloud-based SMART SAFETY COMPANION is available on demand for any connected Cray X power suit, via OTA.