INX Blockchain Asset Trading Solution that is a ecosystem for digital assets

Proprietary trading platform establishing a new trading ecosystem for digital assets

INX is looking to combine all the promise & potential of blockchain – but in a regulated form.

INX Blockchain Asset Trading Solution

Fully developed and ready for launch

  • Buy/Sell crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, BCH) and security tokens and their derivatives
  • Support main order types (Market, Limit, Stop)
  • Trade confirmation and reporting tools to continually monitor and manage blotter, positions
  • Technical analysis tools for pre-trading purposes
  • API interface for broker dealers, corporate finance, traders and market makers
  • Industry standard reporting to regulators
  • Blockchain oriented, built for digital asset listing and trading

The Offering

  • INX is offering 130M security tokens in first ever fully registered SEC prospectus.
  • Investors in the tokens are entitled to receive pro rata distributions of 40% of the Company’s cumulative adjusted operating cash flow.
  • Investor downside protection – Cash Fund will be distributed to token holders in case of liquidation.

Security tokens represent the next evolution in capital markets

Enabling a new asset class

Blockchain-based security tokens issued and traded under securities laws

Enabling higher flexibility and innovative functionality of asset listings, trading and governance such as:

  • A wider range of financial instruments and finance possibilities
  • Raising capital for fractional and illiquid assets (e.g. partial ownership in real-estate projects, art, specific patents or projects) of a company.
  • Reduced trading costs as a result of efficient processes
  • Increased access to capital and investors
  • Automated KYC/AML compliance
  • Safe trades between cleared counterparties
  • Increased transparency and privacy  

The evolution

  • The genesis of INX followed 2017’s wave of ICO irrational exuberance, conducted with little consideration for securities laws
  • INX recognized that digital assets were the future
  • Built a strong foundation by assembling the right team with years of experience in the capital markets and blockchain arenas
  • Developed proprietary state-of-the-art technology
  • Invested in a strong industry standard and future public company infrastructure
  • Registered the INX Token with the SEC and spent 24 months building proprietary technology and solving the challenges of digital asset securities registration
  • And now initiating the first registered security token IPO

INX offers a regulated path for users and issuers on its trading platforms. Regulation is a necessity for institutional investors

Token holders benefit from diminishing circulating supply of tokens,as 20% of the tokens spent to reduce trading costs are transferred into the INX Token reserve

Current and future digital assets will be able to trade on INX trading platforms subject to regulatory clearance and will benefit from the attention of, and trading from, both institutional and retail investors