‘Boarding Glasses’ -Motion Sickness Prevention Glasses

Eyeglasses designed to prevent motion sickness.

They claim to create a false horizon with liquid-filled tubes in the rims of the glasses, or with strobing lights embedded in the lenses.

The glasses don’t have lenses, so anyone can wear them and even wear them outside the regular glasses.

Motion sickness, or kinetosis, occurs when there is sensory conflict between our visual and vestibular systems.

This mismatch in sensory information may result in an array of symptoms ranging from general fatigue, to violent nausea and vomiting.

Motion sickness affects nearly all individuals given the right circumstances, with about one in three people considered highly susceptible.

The liquid in the frame simulates the angle and motion of the eye level so that the motion perceived by the eye will be consistent with the motion perceived by the inner ear. Without signal conflict, there will naturally be no motion sickness.

Motion sickness glasses can be used by car or boat, riding, boating, playing high-altitude rotating games, flying, playing games, wearable video games. effective prevention of sea sickness, car sickness, aircraft sickness and any other travel sickness. With nose pad which ensures that glasses will not easily fall off and are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes.

Motion sickness goggles are made of safe ABS material, with strong arbitrary and antioxidant capabilities, can be used for a long time, magnetic adsorption,foldable, removable, small size, ultra-lightweight, travel can be carried around.

Glasses for motion sickness has no lens but with liquid glasses circle. The level of this liquid in the circle varies according to the moves of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user’s vision, which re-synchronizes the eyes with balance system. No drugs, no side effects.Simple, Safe & Natural Black Technology Proven Effective.

If you fell dizzy when you travel on the car, airplane, or at the sea, please stare at a stock-still/stationary like a book or a cellphone, and then wear this glasses for 10-14 minutes. It will relieve your discomfort and restore your good condition, the effects will continue. What’s more, You can choose to take off it, when you don’t feel dizzy.

There’s no published research yet to confirm the effectiveness of these glasses.

It creates an artificial horizon in the periphery of the visual field, without disturbing the central vision. The eyes have thus access again to the reality of the movement, the sensory mismatch instantly disappears and motion sickness fades in a few minutes. 


Go to Boarding Glasses as soon as the first signs appear.

Your senses synchronise in about ten minutes.

You can take off your glasses and enjoy the trip!