‘BotsAndUs’ – Customer service robot

Bo is a fully-autonomous customer service robot designed to interact with and guide customers in dynamic public spaces.

‘BotsAndUs’ mission is to create a fleet of autonomous service robots to work alongside people in dynamic, public spaces. Their goal is to drive efficiency across customer service, operations and analytics.

BotsAndUs develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering.

‘BO’ – Helps your visitors find their way—to products, meeting rooms, and other destinations—and let Bo take them there personally.

Bo is helpful, polite, and friendly – and can independently approach people who seem interested or in need of support.

A robot in a public space.

By using the latest technologies for speaking to and listening to users, Bo can communicate seamlessly in multiple different languages.

Using dozens of advanced sensors, Bo navigates safely through public spaces and constantly monitors a 360˚ radius to avoid collisions.

A robot interacting with a member of the public.

Bo has an all-day battery life and fast charging capabilities – and it will automatically dock during quiet periods or when its battery is low.

A close-up image of a robot.

Bo uses advanced AI to understand the demographics of users – tailoring its responses, and allowing you to build insight into your users.