‘Brezzl’ – Fridge Eye makes fridge a smart fridge.

Fridge Eye is an innovative camera for almost every fridge. The Fridge Eye takes photos every time the door is closed and sends it to the smartphone. During grocery shopping, our customers never forget to buy something and reduce their food waste by buying only the products they need.

The product is inspired by smart fridges with built-in cameras but makes it possible to make every available fridge smart. The design is made very sustainable with replaceable and rechargeable batteries.

Streamline your trip to the grocery store by knowing exactly what you have and what you need.

The Fridge Eye is easy to install and connects to your mobile phone in seconds.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Peek into your fridge on the go via our easy-to-use Fridge Eye smartphone app.

Always Connected—Always Up-to-Date

Fridge Eye connects to your home wi-fi and snaps a picture each time your fridge door is closed.