Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot

Amicus Robots are designed for a realistic gaming and training experience with high-technology and extensive functionality. Depending on specific demands, all models are suited to players – from amateur to professional. According to the former German national coach, Richard Prause, robot training can be a useful addition to every-day training to players who want to learn faster.

Butterfly table tennis robots can help you reach the top of your game. Many several different models of table tennis robots are available with Amicus series: Start, Expert, and Prime. There are increasing features as you move up from the Start model to the Prime model.

Training with a robot provides maximum repetition, flexibility with exercises, and greater control over practice conditions. Use of a robot can improve precision, timing footwork, and technique. Improving your game no longer requires a partner.

Table tennis robots feature settings and practice modes that allow you to specify spin, speed, trajectory, and placement. Improve your overall game as you replicate specific ball situations to hone your skills, set the robot to random for an authentic game experience, or include footwork drills to address cardio and fitness goals. Whether you are a table tennis professional or a beginner, a table tennis training robot is a wise investment for your game.

Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot has Ball Launcher-Thrower-Shooter for Ping Pong Table.

** Adjust ball frequency from 5–120 balls per minute for your ideal pace. Fine tune timing with IFC.
** Sequence together several drills so they run automatically either one after the other or randomly.
** Perfect footwork, strokes, & other skills. Select a pre-saved drill, press start, and begin play.
** Download regular firmware and software updates in the app to get new features and fix bugs.
** Control the robot wirelessly via Bluetooth with the Amicus app on the supplied Android tablet.

Each of the Amicus robots include a control box. The Amicus prime includes an android tablet which functions as the controller and one can control through other devices by downloading the Amicus app on android or iOS devices. The Amicus Prime also includes a wireless remote (and the Amicus Expert is compatible with a wireless remote, but that remote is not included).

The Amicus Start robot can be programmed for 6 shots. The Amicus Expert extends that to 7 programmed shots. And the Amicus Prime can be programmed for 10 shots. The Amicus Expert, and Amicus Prime all allow the user to program the specifics of each of those shots (adjust speed, spin type, spin amount, height, and position of each shot).

Drills can be pre-programmed into the Amicus Expert, and Amicus Prime, and both can save drills into memory as well (Amicus Expert can save 99 pre-programmed drills, and the Amicus Prime has 6gb of storage and mini SD capacity to provide virtually unlimited storage options).


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