Hover Camera Passport – Self-Flying Camera

The Hover Camera Passport, a drone designed for taking selfies.

Hover Camera Passport is an autonomous self-flying camera that follows you and records your travel moments in 13MP photos and 4K video. You can now buy the flying camera today and ask for an in-store demonstration at select Apple stores.

Passport is a flying camera in a class of its own, that’s portable, safe, truly easy-to-fly right out of the box, and lightweight at just 242 grams (0.55 pounds). Take it on your wanderlust sojourns and “Unfold Your Next Journey” with Hover Camera Passport.

Hover Camera Passport is a small, portable drone designed to take photos and videos of you and your friends.

It has been less than a year since Hover Camera Passport officially launched. Already users have captured and shared countless remarkable photos and videos from their flying camera.

If you’ve ever been frustrated when using a traditional camera drone to capture your activities, Hover Camera Passport is for you. In just a few taps, Hover Camera Passport’s Running Modeempowers you to effortlessly capture your moments with a flying camera. On the other hand, if you’re a sporty person with a more active lifestyle, Hover Camera Passport fits your needs as well.


In Cycling Mode, Hover Camera Passport can follow you up to 8 m/s (26 feet/s) capturing high-resolution videos without the need for you to control the flight manually. Whether you’re biking through a gorgeous street or skateboarding by a nice riverside, Hover Camera Passport can always catch up with your pace and keep you in the center of the frame autonomously, regardless of your movement during the tracking.

Footage Stabilized, Automatically. 
Faster speeds usually causes jittery footage, but we have developed a technology to reduce the shakiness to give you a smooth viewing experience. Hover Camera Passport is equipped with electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology, which will analyze each frame, identify a consistent point of view, and create a baseline to remove the shaky parts and eventually produce a more stable video.

For every video taken with Hover Camera Passport, EIS will be applied automatically. Also, the EIS will be constantly updated and refined. All you need is to keep upgrading your Hover Camera Passport to the latest version through firmware updates to enjoy the best flying camera footage.

How to Activate Hover Camera Passport’s Cycling Mode
1. First, connect your phone to Hover Camera Passport through your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings.

2. Open the Hover Camera app, select Cycling Mode and tap Get Started.

3. Release Hover Camera Passport, and manually adjust Hover Camera Passport to the desired position through in-app flight controls via your mobile device.

4. When you’re ready, tap yourself in the app’s real time view to lock Hover Camera Passport onto you. The box’s outline will change from yellow to a green color.

5. Put your phone into your pocket and go. Hover Camera Passport will always be right behind you like your very own personal photographer.

6. After you’ve captured the desired footage, retrieve Hover Camera Passport and exit Cycling Mode. The video will be saved instantly. Tap the tile next to Social Hub in the app to review. The video will be stabilized by EIS automatically.

7. Tap the play button (n5_btn_play)to view the video or tap the share button (share)to share it to your social networks.



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