‘CANOO’ – Pickup Trucks

Canoo is an American automotive startup based in Torrance, California that develops and manufactures electric vehicles, and plans to sell a lifestyle vehicle in the year 2022. The company also plans to produce commercial electric vehicles such as vans for vehicle rental and ride sharing services.. The company has engineering services located in Torrance, California, near Los Angeles, California.

The company has developed breakthrough Multi-Purpose Platforms and digital ecosystems that are reinventing the automotive landscape with bold innovations in design, pioneering technologies, and a unique business model that spans the full lifecycle of the vehicle.

Canoo Vehicles for Walmart Complete Advanced Deliveries to Refine and Finalize Vehicle Custom Configuration

The LDV: Modular and engineered for industry leading ROI

The LDV is built on Canoo’s proprietary multi-purpose platform (MPP) architecture that integrates the motor, battery module, critical driving components and proprietary flat leaf spring suspension. This platform is the foundation for all Canoo vehicles and enables more usable space for the cabin and cargo area. The LDV is engineered for high frequency stop-and-go deliveries and rapid vehicle to door drop-off, including grocery and food/meal delivery. The interior is customized to Walmart’s specific use-case at competitive per stop economics. The modular design and 120 cubic feet of cargo volume that’s adaptable to evolve with Walmart’s business strategy including its focus to become a regenerative zero emissions company by 2040.

Engineered with the driver in mind, the modular vehicle is designed for swift loading and unloading. The smaller footprint, tight turning radius and ease of maneuverability support narrow roads and driveway parking making the LDV ideal for new and veteran delivery drivers.

Canoo and Walmart recently announced an agreement to purchase 4,500 all-electric delivery vehicles, beginning with the LDV, with the option to purchase up to 10,000 units. The vehicles will be used to deliver online orders in a sustainable way which will also contribute to Walmart’s goal to achieve zero-emissions by 2040.

NASA Contracts Canoo for Artemis Crew Transport Vehicles – For First Human Lunar Landing in More Than 50 years

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected Canoo Inc. (Nasdaq: GOEV) a high-tech advanced mobility company to provide Crew Transportation Vehicles (CTVs) for crewed Artemis lunar exploration launches. Canoo will deliver multiple customized all-electric LV models to NASA by June 2023.