Canopy Stairs – spiral staircase that attaches to any tree trunk

Canopy Stair is a clever spiral staircase that attaches to any tree trunk, helping you build a walkway right up to the top.

This modular stair system, created by designers Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve, uses a series of ratchet straps to attach the cast aluminum frame, treads, and handrail to the outside of the tree trunk, letting you attach more as you go until you reach the desired height. The stairs will then stay sturdily in place until your adventure is done, and disassemble as easily as they go up.

Tree Trunk Spiral Staircase

Innovative staircase is made of birch steps that hold on to the tree trunk with straps and grip its side with thick neoprene pads. Attaching a series of these steps, along with an accompanying handrail, creates a spiral staircase.

One end of the step has a triangular profile, where thick neoprene pads mounted on sand-cast aluminium joints at each corner create three soft contact points with the tree.

The curved shapes of the steps were designed to help the elements to appear straight even if they are slightly uneven when installed as a spiral set.