Caper – AI powered Smart shopping cart

Innovative new technologies aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience and to make it faster and easier.

The Caper Smart Cart improves a retailer’s entire customer shopping experience by streamlining checkout, and through an interactive screen, provide nearby deals, tailored recommendations, and recipes. It also complements existing retail operations without the need for any significant infrastructure or operational overhauls. The technology can be scaled quickly to serve many locations, especially valuable for a grocer with hundreds of locations.

The Caper Smart Cart

Caper, the world’s first AI-powered shopping cart, has deployed its Smart Cart technology with Sobeys, one of the largest grocery chains in North America. This partnership makes Caper the first independent automated checkout company with a live commercial deployment with a major retailer. Caper Smart Carts, which allow shoppers to skip checkout lines while enabling a highly engaging, fun and fast way to shop.

Caper is a New York-based retail technology company focused on bringing innovative and pragmatic solutions to retail partners. The company’s first product, the Caper Smart Cart, is a smart shopping cart powered by deep learning and computer vision that identifies items as they are added to the basket. Caper Smart Carts provide tailored shopper recommendations through an interactive screen and guide a shopper through their entire journey. Caper’s autonomous checkout technology is plug-and-play for retailers, requiring no in-store renovation, operational overhauls or costly infrastructure. Caper has raised more than $13 million in funding to date with backing from investors including Lux Capital, First Round Capital, and Y Combinator.