Cardiff Innovative three wheel skates

Cardiff is a three wheel skates that can be worn on top of your shoes. Because of its ergonomic design it provides great deal of balance and comfort. These skates are not only unique in design, but also in the approach to skating itself.

The whole tightening depends on the micrometric buckle on the instep and on the automatic adjustment of the skates’ length. Take the time to wedge your shoe into the structure so that the heel isn’t let loose. Then you can skate in confidence. In our humble opinion, a supplementary micrometric buckle starting from the heel and supporting the upper part of the instep would have been a real plus. It would have reduced the risks of  heel slipping.

You can also use an instep strap, which is frequently done in quad and aggressive skating.

S1 skate has a foot pad, brake and the top strap. On the foot pad of the skate you see a rectangular button that is used to engage the ASA (Automatic Size Adjustment). The ASA is one of the unique feature of this skate. It has an aluminum rails (the orange parts) and in the rear of the skate it has  brake with the S1 logo.


  • Patented, spring-loaded automatic size adjustment system (ASA™)
  • Engineered, with maximum stability Tri-Skate Technology™
  • 100MM/85A side wheels, 90MM/85A front and brake wheels (using premium inline skate wheels for maximum performance and wear)
  • ABEC 5 chrome bearings and aluminum spacers
  • Anodized aluminum rails and brakes
  • Cushioned front strap made of EVA Foam, designed for superior comfort and durability
  • Skates fit right over your shoes
  • More stable than inline skates
  • Adjustable to fit multiple shoe sizes perfectly
  • Small enough to easily fit in a backpack

The S1 skate is a unique three wheel designed skating system designed to be worn over your shoes.

Cardiff Skates are smooth, quiet and quick like inline skates, they are very stable and easy to stop/stand like roller skates. Easily swappable from shoe to shoe Specially sized for youth boys and girls.

Cardiff Cruiser Skates are designed for adults and youths who weigh a minimum of 45lbs. Small skates (190-pound weight limit) adjust to fit Boys’ Size 2 to Men’s Size 8 and Girls’ Size 2 to Women’s Size 9. Large skates (250-pound weight limit) adjust to fit Boys’ Size 4 to Men’s Size 13 and Girls’ Size 5.5 to Women’s Size 14.

Don’t take your shoes off. Just put your skates on! Patented, spring-loaded Automatic Size AdjustmentTM system–just pull and click to adjust skate length Step into the skate wearing any shoe, sneaker or boot* Cinch the strap around your shoe to tighten Skate away until it’s time for dinner (*Don’t skate barefoot or in open-heel shoes.).

High Rebound (HR) wheels with Polypropylene (PP) core; patented wheel configuration engineered for maximum stability Small: 90mm/82A side wheels, 80mm/82A front wheel, 80mm/76A brake wheel Large: 100mm/82A side wheels, 90mm/82A front wheel, 90mm/76A brake wheel Premium-quality ABEC 5 metal ball bearings Cushioned EVA foam front cinch strap for superior comfort and durability Mind your noggin.

One of the distinctive features of the S1/S2 remains their braking system. Cardiff Skate Co. designed an ingenious system: an 80 mm wheel is mounted in the rear of the skate, free spinning. When you lift your toes and keep your heel on the ground, the wheel rubs against a metal piece. According to the stress you exert on it, you can either get a progressive and gentle braking or a strong and powerful one.

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