‘CarGenerator’ – Your vehicle can be a backup power solution

CarGeneratorTM is a cool new product the size of a backpack which transforms your gas or diesel car or truck into a backup electric generator.

You can power your home furnace in winter, your fridges in summer, plus computers, internet routers, a few lights, and more for 2-3 days or more.

Harnessed Jimmy

Portable, lightweight just 16 pounds, rain/snow weatherproof, take it camping or RV’ing to watch TV, recharge your RV batteries at full speed like plugging into grid power, and lots more.

You get 50-70 hours of runtime from your car gas tank, versus refilling a small gas generator tank every 4-6 hours.

Electric / Hybrid cars work great with CarGenerator, and in the case of a pure electric vehicle you use no gasoline at all.

  • Small, compact, light, and easily portable.
  • CarGeneratorTM is safer and all you need to power your home gas furnace.
  • Easier to use than a big heavy generator, an 8 year old or an 80 year old can do it
  • Gas Generator is noisy, smelly, polluting and heavy to lug around
  • Gas Generator is expensive to buy and then hard wire into your house
  • Need to keep refilling the tiny generator gas tank to keep things running

Just like a traditional portable gas generator, the source of power is your car engine. The CarGenerator does not use power from your car battery, it only converts extra power from your running car engine to function like a gas powered inverter generator. In simple terms, it takes the unused power normally used driving for lights, radio, heated everything, AC fans etc, and provides that instead as up to 1000 watts of pure AC household power.

The main benefits is: a) instead of needing to drag around and store heavy smelly cans of gasoline, it makes use of the typical vehicle 13-40 gallons of gas in the tank, so it can run 60-100 hours on a tank, versus refilling a portable generator tank every 3-4 hours, not fun. b) the CarGenerator is ultra light at just 16 pounds!


Run your CarGenerator and plug it into your trailer and / or portable lithium pack during the evening while you’re making dinner to keep everything topped up. Lithium power packs have strict instructions to NOT charge directly from a 12 volt source. Instead use your 120 volt CarGenerator to charge them up with pure sine wave clean power from your vehicle.

How much fuel does your car use running on idle with no load?
2 liter engine = .16 gal / hr
4 liter engine = .39 gal / hr
Then increase these numbers slightly to factor in power draw for CarGenerator depending on how many watts you are using, and this gives you an approximate gauge.

You can power your gas furnace and the essentials you need to keep your house warm and comfortable for a power outage of 2-3 days up to weeks or more. The CarGeneratorTM will provide power to run things like your gas furnace, computers, fans, lights, motors, your gas fireplace if it needs power, or even a hairdryer or curling iron on a low setting!

This may not be suitable for you if you want to power your entire house and big appliances like air conditioners, laundry machines, lawnmowers, electric baseboard or electric portable heaters, electric hot water heaters, electric kettles or cooking stove-tops. For cooking we recommend using a simple camping stove or a barbq side burner outside.

CarGeneratorTM has standard overload protection circuits built in. Specific instructions are provided with your unit which you must follow to ensure you are pulling a safe amount of power from your vehicle.