‘JD’ China Smart Delivery VAN

JD’s smart delivery vehicle is the world’s first application of Level-4 autonomous driving technology on public roads without any human interaction.

JD.com is the largest online retailer in China. With over 300 million customers, we have a vast network of warehouses and delivery stations, and deliver most orders in less than a day.

Leveraging intelligent robots based on the NVIDIA Jetson platform, JD brings AI to the field of logistics and supply chain, and continues to expand its research in autonomous driving and smart delivery.

Right after the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, JD urgently deployed its L4 autonomous delivery vehicle in Wuhan to ensure contactless delivery from delivery stations to hospitals and residential compounds. 

The core of achieving this level of research and application is the deep collaboration between JD and NVIDIA. Based on NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Xavier platform, we have further developed our autonomous driving system and optimized the computing unit,” said Xu. “The collaboration with NVIDIA not only secured the Level-4 autonomous driving demand from a computing perspective, but also helped lower the power consumption to 10% of the industry average.

JD’s autonomous delivery vehicles are now in daily use in over 20 cities in China for the last-mile delivery of e-commerce parcels.

More than one in five delivery stations in Changshu has been equipped with smart delivery vehicles.

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JD is at the forefront of robotics and automation, being the first company in the world to make commercial deliveries by drone, and unmanned delivery vehicles, warehouses and stores.

It’s platform generating an astounding 31 petabytes of data every day, and leverages powerful AI and machine learning tools that provide unrivalled insight into consumer behavior in China.