‘Circular Smart Ring’ -wearable device that provides biologic insights to unleash your full potential

Circular Smart Ring is a wearable devices to improve human capabilities.

Circular smart ring is a wellness and fitness wearable with a well-rounded pack of features focused on sleep tracking and daily activity.

Silver Circular Ring

It helps improve your physical and mental performances and enhance the way you sleep, live and work.

Sleep score on the Circular app

Sleep Tracking
Understand and improve your sleep with simple and impactful insights
Circular analyses your body signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency while helping you to improve its quality

Sleep quality score

Sleep overview

Sleep metrics

Sleep graphs

Actionable recommendations

Activity Tracking
Quantify your physical activities with empowering metrics
Circular keeps track of your daily activities and fitness goals at any time

Activity overview

Activity metrics

Activity graphs

Actionable recommendations

Wellness Monitoring
Find the perfect balance
Monitor your overall wellness and energy with day & night advanced cross analyses

Wellness metrics

Energy score

Wellness graphs

Actionable recommendations

Smart controls
Control your surroundings
Immediate action on the things you do most. Control your devices thanks to your ring’s button.

Compatible devices

Teams mission is to empower your daily life, for you to perform at your best, both mentally and physically.

It is able to achieve this mission by understanding how you respond to your activities, daily choices, and rhythms, instead of just measuring the metrics.

They cross-analyze your data and taking into consideration your own data history and habits to deliver a truly personal experience and not simply hand out raw data.

Circular Data Dashboard

The tracking features hold their true benefits in this cross analysis. Day & Night tracking combined enables us to deeply understand how the body reacts to events and what it needs.

The Circular team puts an emphasis on the personal recommendations offered by the app. That means that each user will have a unique experience as most recommendations on lifestyle will differ from one individual to another.

Circular’s users have the choice to anonymously share their data with them for scientific purposes in exchange of discounts for accessories (interchangeable outer-shells, home charger, etc…). If you choose to do so, you will contribute to a new level of understanding and knowledge about activity and sleep and be part of the Circular Research Program.

With specialists, team will study the pool of anonymous data collected and give you back new knowledge by making it available on our website and through new features.

Circular team has spent over a year working with leading sleep and activity specialists, doctors and Ph.D. students conducting scientific researches, developing the algorithms that analyze your body signals in concordance with laboratory equipment. Our own algorithms now analyze your sleep and activity metrics with more than 78% accuracy compared laboratory equipment (PSG’s and ECG’s). The precision can only get better with time. With the choice for our sensors and the body placement of the ring paired with our high accuracy models it makes Circular one of the most accurate and noninvasive tracking devices.

Specs –

2 days of battery life with 60 min of charging

One week of built-in data storage even without a Bluetooth connection

Waterproof & scratch resistant

Hypo allergenic
Body made out of nickel free clinical plastic

Won’t get in your way
Only 8mm large, 2.8mm thick and 4 grams

3 axis accelerometer & infrared heart rate sensor

3 outer-shells for quick style changes

Bluetooth low energy

IOS 11+ on Apple devices and with all Androids 6.0+