CISNR – Center For Intelligent Systems & Network Research

CISNR services include-

Fostering National AI Capacity

Build national capacity to carry out R&D in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence by solving at least a small number of AI problems identified and mutually agreed by scientific communities comprising local and international experts.

Empowering Innovators

To provide a platform and resources to competent researchers, developers, and engineers to innovate modern solutions for complex problems.

Transforming the Future

To conduct research in various fields of AI and prevent/minimize natural and man-made disasters using data intelligence.

Unlocking Boundless Creativity

Development of innovative designs and intelligent systems.

Some innovative products it has helped develop –


ElectroCure is a Low Cost Smart Metering solution with Meter-less Architecture. Single Module serves multiple consumers, Hence, it helps in cost reduction per consumer. It’s an ideal solution for electricity theft & losses detection. ElectroCure provides real-time data acquisition of electricity distribution network, metering, monitoring & control.


The overall architecture is similar to smart metering, which provides a real time electricity consumption measurement & sends data to regional data center of electricity supply company automatically. ElectroCure solution is multi tariff, demand response, remote controlled power on/off and interactive interface. The Distribution boxes installed at consumer end will record and send energy usage periodically to regional data center (RDC).


Reduction of 30% electricity losses including theft losses, technical losses & administrative losses.

Reduces HR cost by automatically sending alerts & data to central billing system.

Developed by technical experts.

Developed according to international standards and needs.


TransfoCure provides an automatic system for transformer monitoring & control, data collection and control & an efficient and intelligent mechanism to avoid all the inappropriate, inefficient and error prone procedures. TransfoCure provides various run time parameters such as, voltages, currents, power factor, link down, short circuit, unbalancing & phase shifts. It protects the transformer from damages due to overloading & unbalanced load connectivity.


 Remote current, KVA, KVAR, PF, Voltage Monitoring

 Trends & graphical view for KVA, KVAR, Power Factor & Voltage

 Real-time consumption & peak/Off-peak time adjustment

 Transformer & boxes summary (Description & location etc.)

 Consumption logs & consumption graphs

 Transformer fault detection & reporting

 System user control panel search specific information

 Maximum demand measurement

 Link down, unbalance load detection& Meter programming

 Power factor calculation, real, apparent and reactive power


Real-time data acquisition

Developed by technical experts

Developed according to international standards and needs

Reduction of costs by 27% due to reduction in technical and administrative losses (Results of pilot testing in Military Engineering Services (MES) of Kharian, Peshawar, and Gujranwala)


AgroCure is a tech-based solution to reduce food insecurity, empower farmers by eliminating the middlemen, and provide a transparent platform to access real-time farm data and insights


 Reduction in Food Insecurity

 Eliminates middlemen

 Transparent platform to access farm data

 Saves agriculture input and water


Metero-cure is an image based autonomous remote billing smart system to overcome under billing issues. Metero-cure ensures reliability of the data. In MeteroCure, the meter data is sent. The meter reader takes the picture of the meter and sends to the data server via our highly secure application. Data server then downloads the billing info and compares with the meter reference number. With this efficient system, the billing info is printed and sent to the customer


Data sent through cellular network to the central data server

The billing info is printed and sent to the customer

Complete database of past data history of consumers is maintained

 Meter reader ID included

 GPS coordinates of readings are recorded with date & time