‘ClearMotion’ – predictive suspension system that helps you to have smooth ride.

ClearMotion utilizes a predictive suspension system that offers a smooth riding experience as it cancels out ride bumpiness by countering road roughness. This gives the passengers unparalleled levels of comfort while improving the car’s handling and stability.

ClearMotion, a startup that makes road-sensing technology, aims to bring Bose’s secretive electromagnetic active car suspension system to a new generation of vehicles.

ClearMotion replaces a car’s shock absorbers with powerful, fast-acting software and actuators that pull/push each wheel, delivering an experience like no other. Bridging the gap between the driving and passenger experience.

The system makes use of electro-hydraulic devices known as Activalve

Hydraulic valves are critical components in many hydraulic systems where the flow rate, pressure, or actuators need to be controlled. There are many types of electro-hydraulic control valves, like proportion valves, flapper-nozzle valves, or other valves with electronic controllers.

Furthermore, Activalve is an electro-hydraulic device that works via software. It constantly monitors, processes and responds to changing road conditions. Each Activalve consists of three main components. These three components are Digital controller, BLDC Electric motor and Gerotor.

Much like noise cancellation, proactive motion control does the same for unwanted vibrations that enter the vehicle platform.

Near-instant force at each wheel and knowledge of the road ahead unlocks new possibilities in occupant safety.