The MUZO Cobblestone is a Wi-Fi audio receiver that is able to play high fidelity, lossless music in your home through your powered speakers.

MUZO Cobblestone is a Wi-Fi Audio Receiver that makes your speakers wireless. Now you can control music play to your speakers without having to connect your audio cable to your speakers. Cobblestone is easy to set-up.

Just connect your Cobblestone to your speaker, amplifier or receiver, and configure your Cobblestone to your home Wi-Fi network with our MUZO Player app and start streaming your favorite music. It’s as easy as that. AirPlay multi-room is supported for Cobblestones and not yet supported for 3rd party Airplay devices.

On the top of the Cobblestone are basic controls, allowing for easy command of a powered speaker should you choose to employ it that way. At the back is a WPS key to simply and quickly connect to your router for Wi-Fi connection, as well as inputs for a power cable, Ethernet connection, and a 3.5mm output, which is how the sound gets from the airwaves to your preferred audio device.

There are shades of Sonos here, including a brilliantly intuitive mobile app for iOS or Android that runs the show. From there you can stream tunes directly from your smartphone or tablet, pull lossless audio files from a storage drive, and run multiple Cobblestones together, playing different music across each simultaneously.



  • EASY SET-UP allows you connect your speakers effortlessly from your Wi-Fi network to your phone, turning your space into a home theater with wireless streaming
  • MULTI-ROOM FUNCTION allows you to stream synchronized music throughout different rooms, as well as control song selection and volume
  • USER-FRIENDLY APP when you download the app to your smartphone, navigate seamlessly with simple functions
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN allows you to add your own personal touch to your home aesthetics, complimenting your existing audio systems
  • FULL SUPPORT for Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TIDAL and more.



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