ColdSnap – On-demand frozen treats. Icecream machine with PODS for frozen treats, including soft-serve ice cream, froyo, smoothies, protein shakes, coffees

ColdSnap – Is and on-demand frozen treats maker. It’s an Icecream machine which has PODS for frozen treats, including soft-serve ice cream, froyo, smoothies, protein shakes, coffees.

Instant ice cream machine that you can use at home to produce frozen desserts in under 60 seconds.

Unlike other ice cream makers, the ColdSnap doesn’t require mixing ingredients or freezing them. 

ColdSnap™ is a rapid freezing appliance that produces single servings of frozen confections and frozen beverages in less than 2 minutes.

The ColdSnap™ machine accepts shelf-stable, ambient temperature, ColdSnap™ pods – and then freezes and dispenses the contents of those ColdSnap™ pods in less than 120 seconds. No preparation of ColdSnap™ pods is required and no cleanup of the ColdSnap™ machine is necessary.

The ColdSnap™ machine uses a proprietary, high-powered, refrigeration system to rapidly freeze and dispense the contents of the ColdSnap™ pod.

To make a frozen confection, the user inserts a ColdSnap™ pod into the ColdSnap™ machine. The ColdSnap machine then reads the QR code located on the ColdSnap™ pod to determine the optimal freezing parameters for that specific ColdSnap™ pod. The user then follows the easy display prompts on the ColdSnap™ machine LED display to make the frozen product.

1) Select -Choose your single-serve pod.

2) Insert -Insert the pod into the machine.

3) Wait 60-90 seconds for the contents to freeze and dispense.

No prep time – Shelf stable pods do not require refrigeration.

No mess, no fuss – Pod ingredients are dispensed directly from the pod to the bowl. No clean-up of the machine is required.

ColdSnap™ is capable of making single-servings of:

  • Ice cream
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Frozen coffees
  • Frozen smoothies
  • Frozen healthy shakes
  • Frozen cocktails
  • Slushies

The ColdSnap™ system makes frozen confections with demonstrably smaller ice crystal sizes then store-bought products. Ice cream made from the ColdSnap™ system is creamier and has a smoother mouthfeel than ice cream that undertakes a deep freeze. ColdSnap™ frozen yogurt has an almost velvety texture. ColdSnap frozen confections (Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris) have a silky consistency that is difficult to replicate in any home or bar. In short, ColdSnap™ makes a smoother, better product.