‘Collabody’ a new type of medicine that is able to identify specific antigens in the body and only apply to it.

Collabody™ is a unique fusion protein design platform which utilizes a short triplex-forming collagen-like peptide (about 40 amino acids in length) as a scaffold protein binder for fusing with antibody fragments, hormones, cytokines, lymphokines, growth factors, lectins, enzymes, soluble receptor fragments and chemo agents. The autoimmune system in our body is vital for the protection against invading viruses and bacteria germs.

Anti-CD3 Collabody™

Anti-CD3 Collabody™

The malfunctioning of this system not only degrades our ability to fight infections; in severe cases, our own immune cells may even attack our normal body cells, as in the case of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and lupus erythematosus.

ITRI has developed a collagen stent antibody delivery system, of which a new drug Anti-human CD3 Collabody™, is currently undergoing animal testing and has initially exhibited good efficacy. The drug was transferred to a third party in 2013; an official response to the application for clinical trials was received from the US FDA pre-IND meeting committee. The results of the application to request permission for drug experiments by the FDA are expected in 2014. If allowed, the drug will enter phase one of clinical trials.

Collabody’s bispecific T cell collagen peptide-scaffold antibody are like three bridges. Each end of each bridge is connected to different antibodies, and cross-linked to specific molecules in immune cells and tumor cells.

This connection effectively activates T cells, and since T cells have the ability to distinguish between the body’s own cells and foreign matter, they won’t attack autologous cells. Activated T cells increase the chances of killing cancerous cells.

Most traditional “small molecular drugs” apply to all organs and all cells, including healthy ones, suffering the impact of the drug within a confined area. Monoclonal antibodies such as Collabody, however, are able to identify specific antigens in the body and only apply to those that need.


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