FDA compliant Canon MG5320 edible printer can print photos and designs on a frosting sheet for cake frostings

FDA compliant Canon MG5320 wireless all-in-one printer (with scanner) inkjet printer with Inkedibles™ refillable edible ink cartridges can print photos and designs on a frosting sheet for cake frosting.

Edible ink is essentially edible frosting (edible coloring) that is engineered to be jetted through an inkjet printer in a way that allows digital images to be printed onto edible paper, also known as frosting sheets. Edible ink printing allows cake decorators to inexpensively be able to produce digital images from customer photos or other designs in a way that can be applied to a cake and look as though the photo or image has been printed directly onto the cake. The way this works is that the cartridges of the printer are filled with edible ink, and this edible ink gets jetted onto the edible paper (frosting sheets) as they flow through the printer.

The printer does not know that it is using edible ink as opposed to regular ink, and it does not know that it is being fed with edible paper (frosting sheets) as opposed to regular paper. What comes out of the printer is an image that is fully edible – both the sheet on which it is printed, and the ink which is used to generate the image. The frosting sheet is then applied onto a cake that is layered with frosting, and the frosting sheet absorbs into the cake frosting in a way that leaves the image beautifully pasted onto the cake and amazes customers and friends. Edible ink should be used in the manner described above, for food decoration purposes only.

Edible Printer Bundle for Canon - Comes with Edible Ink Cartridges & Frosting Sheets - Apprentice Package

As long as the edible ink you use is being made by a trusted manufacturer, is FDA compliant and passes food safety tests, it is safe to use as directed – as a food coloring agent to be printed to edible paper using an inkjet printer.

Inkedibles ™ brand edible inks are manufactured under stringent food safety and quality control conditions and are FDA compliant. Our edible inks are a proprietary formulation of water, glycerin, ethanol, preservative and FDA approved colorants, and are engineered to flow through inkjet printers such as popular Canon and Epson printers sold through regular office supply stores. They are manufactured using machinery that does not come into contact with food allergens, and are made in accordance with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations – 21CFR).

The nutritional information for Inkedibles ™ inks (according to 21CFR 101 of the FDA) based on 100grams (3.5 oz) of Inkedibles ™ edible ink is listed here (% of daily volume based on a 2000 calories diet):

  • Energy: 110 kcal / 6%
  • Carbohydrates: 15grams / 1%
  • Sodium: 260mg / 11%
  • Proteins: 0
  • Sugars: 0
  • Dietary Fiber: 0
  • Total Fat: 0
  • Vitamin A: 0
  • Vitamin C: 0
  • Calcium: 0
  • Iron: 0

Edible ink cartridges are essentially “containers” that are made in the shape and form of an inkjet cartridge that plugs right in to your inkjet printer.

Frosting Sheets are available from Inkedibles in different shapes and sizes. The most common sheet frosting is the Inkedibles full sheet size (8.5 inch x 11 inch, or letter size). Inkedibles also offers other fun precut sizes as well, such as Precut 1.18 inch circles (48 circles per sheet), Precut 2.0 inch circles (15 circles per sheet), Precut 2.5 inch circles (12 circles per sheet), Precut 3.0 inch circles (6 circles per sheet), Precut 8 inch circles (1 circle per sheet) and Precut 2.5 inch x 3 inch rectangular cards (8 cards per page). These fun precut frosting sheets are commonly used as cupcake icing toppers, or for smaller / special size cake toppers. The precut frosting sheet sizes are easy to use – simply download and print using the free Inkedibles templates for each precut size (available in MS WORD).

With just a few clicks you can scan, copy and print in seconds. A great product with an affordable price that provides an exceptional photo quality printer. Works well with all our edible icing sheets. Included in the kit is our new extra large edible ink cartridges, holding twice as much ink for your creative use.

The format size / backing for the Inkedibles frosting sheets is as follows:

  • For the full sheet size, the backing is 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • For the precut sizes, the backing is A4 size, and the downloadable templates are already preset to A4 paper size. You can verify the paper size before you print by opening the template in Microsoft Word, and selecting Page Layout –> Size and confirming it is set to A4 size before printing.

This printer can be used with the following types of edible and transferable sheets:

•Frosting Sheets (also known as sugar sheets, edible topper, edible cake topper, edible image, and soon)
•Wafer Sheets
•Rice Sheets
•Chocolate Transfer Sheets

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