‘Zume’ compostable plant-fiber based products

 Zume’s launch of a biodegradable anti-leak range of products aims to eliminate plastics and Styrofoam from entering our waterways and landfills, while giving you the functionality you demand.

It is possible to print onto molded fiber products.

Their food packaging products are safe for food and an alternative for plastic containers. They’re economical, biodegradable, and better for the environment than plastics.

Premium Compostable 16oz/500ml Small Bowl

Zume’s patented production technology generates high yield per square foot, their revolutionary technology outperforms traditional machines across all vital parameters including cycle time, capacity per machine and ability to make complex geometries and products.

Molded fiber is a great alternative to plastics in many industries, including CPG, food packaging, electronics, cosmetics, and medical uses. From plastic tray inserts in food, to mixing bowls and plastic spatulas at the pharmacy or hair salon, our goal is to identify where a more environmentally friendly product could replace the current single-use plastics in play.

 Zume is one of the strongest alternatives and bolstered by recent advances in technology, it is all-natural, compostable, inexpensive, and versatile molded fiber.

Molded Fiber is a leading sustainable and environmentally friendly molded pulp packaging which can be molded to containers, disposable boxes, mask.