Intel ‘Compute Card’ is a Computer the size of a credit card

Intel announces a new modular compute platform called the Intel® Compute Card. It’s a Credit Card-Sized Computer. Compute Card is intended as a more versatile replacement for the Compute Stick. In it’s new “Compute Card,” that is small 94.5mm by 55mm by 5mm slab it includes a CPU and GPU, RAM, storage, and wireless connectivity.

The Objective of the Compute Card is to separate the processing of various computers and appliances—all-in-ones, smart TVs, fridges, digital kiosks or signage screens, commercial equipment—from the rest of the hardware. You might want to keep a TV around for the better part of a decade, but the processing hardware inside it could start to feel slow three or four years in. With the Compute Card, one could simply eject the old card and slide in a new one instead of replacing the whole thing.


Intel says that the card uses a variant of the USB-C port called “USB-C plus extension” to connect with the systems it’s plugged into. That connector gives devices direct access to the USB and PCIe buses as well as HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs.

Making Every Device Smart

Intel is creating a transformative new product category — bringing the power of computing and connectivity to virtually any product, anywhere. Coming mid-2017, the Intel® Compute Card possesses an elegantly simple and portable design, making it easy to install, maintain, and upgrade independently of the partner certified device.1

Unlimited Potential

By using proven Intel® architecture to establish a new way for compute to interface with devices, Intel is opening up virtually unlimited potential for consumer, business, and industrial applications. Intel® Compute Card’s modularity and flexibility allows for internal or external integration with certified devices via a compute card slot. Companies will be able to extend capabilities for devices such as digital signage and kiosks, All-in-Ones, smart TV’s and appliances – all while reaping the benefits that modular computing can offer, such as simplifying inventory management and serviceability.

Small in Size, Not in Capabilities

Just slightly longer than a credit card at 95mm x 55mm x 5mm, and with a range of processor families in the works, the Intel® Compute Card offers an optimal solution to power everything from entry-level to full featured host devices.


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